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SOTA Singapore – 14 January 2012. The Music Revolution Gala Night 2012 has successfully taken place, blowing away hundreds of hearts in the concert hall.

Starting with “Liên Khúc Xuân” (Spring Medley), performed by ten finalists and accompanied by SIMVNC’s dancing team, the show stirred up the Lunar New Year atmosphere in the center of the tropical “lion city”.

The Gala Night was in three sections. The first section was a story line featuring five duet performances about five different stages of life: childhood, friendship, love, separation and reunion. The ten finalists were divided into five couples, each making up an element of the whole story.

Each of the ten finalists then performed their best solo piece during the second section of the show. The Top 3 favourite singers, elected by a combination of 40% from judges score and 60% from audience vote, would continue to compete for the Idol crown of Music Revolution 2012. Each singer gave their best shot and deeply impressed the audience with their unique talent.

The subsequent part of the show brought to the hall the most thrilling moments, when each of the unannounced top 3 singers – Duy Đức, Mỹ Trang and Ngọc Hòa – appeared on the stage in one performance after another. Duy Đức’s mesmerizing rendition of the song “Chị Tôi” (My Sister) won the majority of votes from the audience, bringing him to the victory moment: The ‘Most Favourite Singer’ of Music Revolution 2012.

(Photo: MR2012)

Phạm Duy Đức (middle) - the winner of MR2012 (Photo: Khủng Long)

Besides, the ‘Most Impressive Style’ and the ‘Most Potential’ trophies were respectively awarded to “the rapper” Anh Nguyên and “the diva” Thanh Thương.

“All ten finalists deserved to be the super stars of the night” – said one of the judges.

Music Revolution 2012 also featured special performances by guest artists, including the acousitc quartet of 3 judges and Bảo Châu (winner of VNNTU’s Project-V 2010), the super guitarist Ngọc Hải (winner of NUS Sparkz 2011), the modern break dance group from Malaysia, and especially, the super pop star Lam Trường, who flew all the way from Vietnam just to sing for the wonderful audience of the Gala Night.

Pop Star Lam Trường singing with the finalists (Photo: Khủng Long)

The event was coming to an end, but the joyful moments would definitely stay in the spirit of the audience in the days to come.

Behind the scene of such an amazing success was the effort and sweat of the whole SIMVNC organizing committee, and the continous support from the sponsors, especially COMPASS. Last but not least, the logistic and technical team, who left no stone unturned to ensure the show run smoothly, were our unsung heroes!


Yesterday 10 December 2011, the audition round of Music Revolution 2012 has taken place at Singapore Institute of Management (SIM).

Music Revolution 2012 is the second season of the singing contest organized by the Vietnamese Community of SIM (SIMVNC). Following the vibrant success of the first season last year, this year Music Revolution is coming back with the participation of new faces, new names, new talents.

44 Vietnamese contestants from many institutes in Singapore, including SIM, NUS, NTU, SMU, Kaplan, James Cook University,  EASB etc., showed up and showcased their talent to the audience and a panel of three judges. They all did a great job and brought to the entire audience the most cheerful and unforgettable moments.

The whole audition has been filmed so that supporters can vote for their super-stars on Facebook, which constitutes 30% of the final results. 70% will come from the judges’ decision.

Overwhelming talents are going to rock the stage in the upcoming Gala Night. So, do support your stars, and stay tuned for the big day!!!

Compass, KCC and Nippon are the three sponsors of the event this year.


Dream Catcher Vision has just announced the final result of the “Most Wanted Entertainer” Contest on December 5th, and Richard Tang – the founder of HARITA Productions was one of the winners in the Top-10, ranking #2.

The contest, which has been running for months, allows contestants to upload their videos on the Dream Catcher Vision website. The videos are then opened for public voting, which makes up of 30% of the final result. The other 70% is decided by a panel of judges. The contest is running again next January.

Born in 1987 in a small peaceful and romantic town 300 kilometres to the north of Hồ Chí Minh city, Richard Tang (Dật Hanh) was inspired by music from his family members since he was a little boy. His father was a bass player for the town’s band in which his uncle was the lead guitarist. His mother used to sing with the band on a regular basis. Another uncle of him is a songwriter.

However, he did not decide to pursue music as a lifetime passion in the first place … until one day, when he met a young girl with a warm and soulful voice. This was a great inspiration for him to write the very first songs of his own. Although this girl is now a thousand miles away, she left in Richard’s soul a vehement passion for music and turned him from a boring bookworm into an artist.

He started to appear in some big and small singing competitions in his town and in Hồ Chi Minh city, some of which brought him good recognition. He was then invited to perform as well as record for some producers in Vietnam. During the two years of his singing career in Hồ Chí Minh city (2005-2007), under the tutelage of songwriter Giác An, Richard has a wonderful opportunity to improve his singing, performing and songwriting skills/techniques and to meet with great artists, among whom are Phạm Duy and Trần Văn Khê. 

Coming to Singapore in 2007, he continued his music career path by doing music arrangement and performing for Gentle Fund Organization’s charity concerts, as well as joining the NUS Choir, NUS A Capella group “Resonance” and NUS Jazz Band during his student years.

Richard was one of the finalists of the Stardust singing competition in 2009. After that, he went on and achieved the championship in NUS Sparkz Talent Show Season 1 in 2010.

Besides, he was also invited to be a Judge for the big scale singing competition “Project-V” of VNNTU and the “Supernova” talent show of VNCNUS and coming next, Sparkz Season 3 and SIM-VNC’s “Music Revolution” in 2012. He has been the vocal instructor for VNCNUS’s Vocal Group for three consecutive years.

Following the success of Pham Duy Live Show “Tôi Yêu Tiếng Nước Tôi” or “My Mother Tongue I Have Loved” (17/10/2010), in which Richard was one of the initiators, he continued his passion by establishing HARITA Productions as a platform for young passionate artists to come together and perform music. Right now, Richard is in the midst of preparing for the upcoming concert with his fellow artists in February 2012.

His first album “Một Chút Ân Cần” was released in August 2011, exclusively for a charity project (“Dự Án Tâm”), to support an excellent student in Vietnam whose illness is retarding his progress in life.

Richard’s video clip for the contest can be found here.