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We are a group of passionate Vietnamese artists, currently living and working in Singapore. We get together in an effort to contribute the best music to the community. Besides, we also seek chances to broaden our music and audience base to non-Vietnamese segments worldwide.

Music is a vital part of life. It is not just something you listen to during your spare time. It is a wonderful herb relieving the pain when your heart is broken, a pair of wings carrying you to the land of everlasting peace, or simply a jar of sweet hearts and caring love. Music is a common language shared by the whole human race. It doesn’t speak but connects people of different location and different time frame.

Here at HARITA Productions, everything we do is music! And we shall “bring up the finest tunes” as we have promised in our motto.

Thank you for joining us on this wonderful journey. Do fasten your seat belt and sit tight, we are going to sail through the mysterious yet beautiful world of music. In each and every corner of it, colourful emotional melodies await!

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If you have any queries, feedback or requests, please drop us a line at info@haritapro.com

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